5 Awesome Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers

Invite Friends

Let people know that you have joined Instagram by getting the word out. When first signing up, Instagram gives you the option of following and sharing your new account with contacts on your phone contacts along with your Face book friends. Go further by promoting your Instagram account on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Face book.  Include the Instagram Follow Button on your blog or website. Let the subscribers of your newsletter know about your Instagram account through a short email.

Defining Your Purpose Clearly

When you are creating your Instagram profile, you need to define your purpose to followers clearly. You need to define exactly who you are and what you are involved in. What sets apart your brand? For example, Melaleuca: The Wellness Company, uses its Instagram account to highlight stories of personal, physical, and financial wellness among its customers.

Give careful thought to your target audience on Instagram with your social media strategy when building your brand page. You have the freedom to be creative and playful with your description, particularly if your audience understands it. GoPro’s Instagram profile presents an informative and creative bio that highlights exactly what the company does in a fun way.

You also need to include a link along with your bio. It is an important piece of real estate and you have to think carefully about where you would like to send your audience. GoPro aims to engage with its Instagram followers by referring them to a landing page for their Karma drone that is coming soon.

Think of all the short videos or unique images your brand can provide to attract Instagram followers. You can choose to feature your product as Warby Parker does. Alternatively, you can do like American Express did and offer a “behind the scenes” look. You could even be like Lulu lemon and feature videos and images that highlight values and principles that your brand stands for. Regardless of your choice, if you are able to articulate what your account is all about clearly, the higher your chances of acquiring more followers on Instagram.

Being Social

Instagram uses hash tags just like Twitter for search and organization purposes. However, you can use up to 30 different hash tags unlike Twitter. To get the highest possible level of interaction, Short Stack recommends that you use not less than 11 hash tags. Use websites such as Top-Hash tags to find trending hash tags and join in on the conversations taking place on Instagram. This is yet another way to get a fresh set of eyes on your Instagram account. You must always keep in mind that social media isn’t a soapbox. You need to ensure that you interact with your audience by also commenting and liking other people’s pictures and videos. Did somebody just post a video or picture of your product? Reach out and comment or like the post. Never forget to track and like mentions of your brand. Finally, never forget that human connection is always at the heart of every social media strategy.

Teaming Up With Influencers

Working together with other Instagram influencers within your industry is yet another great strategy for promoting your brand. For instance, Cathay Airlines collaborated with Jessica Stein, a travel blogger, for a project titled #lifewelltraveled. You do not even have to team up with someone in your industry all the time. To gain an additional number of followers for their brand, Bonobos sought out promotion from a comedic personality.

When reaching out to an influence on Instagram, it is good to think about what you can offer them. Some of the ideas include free merchandise, product sample, or even offline exposure. Whatever it may be, it is important to address the influencer’s question of “What do I get out of this?” before you request them to do anything for you. With regards to finding influencers, you have to search for popular users on Instagram. Rolling Stones has complied an amazing list of Instagram influencers that you can use to get the ball rolling.

Encouraging Engagement

Host an activity that will encourage engagement to invite users to come follow your brand on Instagram such a photo contest. A good example is the bareselfie campaign by Lancôme. Lancôme created a unique hash tag and image criteria for the competition: just post a photo of yourself while you are not wearing any makeup. The content was an amazing success and enjoyed massive engagement during the campaign.