Parler hacked

Well, if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, 2021 has already begun to turn into a nightmare. After the United States Capital was breached by protestors, resulting in multiple deaths, social media and other tech giants swiftly moved to begin censoring online speech, especially speech from conservative voices. Within days of the Capital attack, Twitter, Facebook, and Google (YouTube) all banned Donald Trump’s channels. Recognizing that those platforms weren’t friendly toward conservatives, the movement quickly migrated to the lesser-known, but rising-star, Parler. Parler, which has a reputation for being a gathering place for conservative voices, saw a massive influx of users who were abandoning the big-tech platforms in search for an online venue where they could freely express themselves without fear of censorship.

However, Parler wasn’t able to survive the bullying tactics of big tech. Within days, Parler was forced to shut operations because no tech company was willing to host the app any more. Apple, Google, and Amazon all banned Parler.

The day after Parler went dark, though, another development came forward. Apparently, in the days prior to Parler’s shutdown, a hacker had successfully breached Parler’s system and copied every single post in the history of Parler’s existence! This devastating news only deepened Parler’s troubles. Where once the CEO was promising the platform would return with a vengeance, he now is doubting that the company will every come back. Perhaps the hack was just too much to handle in the wake of the already-insurmountable challenge of facing off the big tech companies. He’s already filed a lawsuit against Amazon. Yeah, we’ll see how that one turns out for him. David vs. Goliath.

And the hacker? Well, this hacker decided to make herself known to the world, which is NOT typical of a cyber-criminal. She goes by the name @donk_enby on Twitter. Her goal was to reveal to the world the involvement Parler had on the insurrection at the Capital.