The latest ransomware attacks

If you haven’t seen the news in recent weeks about ransomware attacks, then you’re probably living under a rock or you simply don’t care to know what’s happening in our crazy world. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t fault anyone for dwelling in either of those two camps. But alas, the world we live in still rolls round and round, and no matter how much we want to ignore the stupid things that are happening all around us, the truth still remains–stupid people are still doing stupid things. And one of those stupid (and that’s an understatement) things is the phenomenon of ransomware.

So, if you are living in one of the two aforementioned camps, let me enlighten you as to some of the latest ransomware attacks happening in our country.

New York City Ferry ransomware attack

JBS Meat ransomware attack

Fujifilm ransomware attack
And there's more to come. Check out this article with the ominous headline: "Justice Department to elevate ransomware attacks to be on par with terrorism."