Update: Parler app back online

Well, it looks like Parler is finally back online. We mentioned in an earlier post that the controversial social networking site had been suspended and hacked, leaving the platform’s future in limbo. Yet, it seems like the troubled site, at least for now, is back online. This as the company works with a newly-installed CEO after ousting John Matze.

Yet, even though Parler is back and running, that doesn’t mean you’ll have immediate access to the app. I know, because I just tried logging into my account a few minutes ago on my phone. However, some people are reporting that the site can be accessed through a desktop version, but it’s running uber slow!

And unless you already have an account with Parler, you won’t be able to add one (just yet). For now, Parler isn’t accepting any new accounts.

So, even though Parler is back online, it is far from being out of the woods. Never before in the history of social media platforms has a site ever been scrutinized as heavily as Parler is. As a result, Parler executives are tip-toeing ever so carefully as they wade back into the public eye. That’s because the public eye is out for blood. After all, American culture is now cancel culture, isn’t it?

And what for? As one who once lived in eastern Europe, I’m well aware of the ramifications of a cancel culture. After all, we were used to it where I was (a former Soviet bloc country). But in America? This is too much for me. The way I look at it is if you don’t like Parler, then don’t pay attention to it. But you don’t have to cancel it. This is absurd and unAmerican. But hey, maybe Soviet speech suppression is the in-thing now. Perhaps my traditional American ways are a little old-fashioned now.

Good luck not getting canceled (again) Parler!